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Patio Covers

Are You Ready To Take Cover?

Specially Designed Custom Patio Covers

patio covers

Patio Covers

As life does seem to pass us by so quickly, do you want to enjoy every minute of it?

As Texas is a great place to live, the summers get hot and winters; one can never expect. So let’s get you covered.

We all know how fun a day can be swimming in the pool, but what happens when the sun is too intense, or the rain decides to put a damper on the day? With a patio cover, you are “simply covered” to continue to enjoy the day or night.

With a patio cover custom designed and built by Simplicity Pools, you can enjoy the outdoors in your backyard during the hottest days as well as in the cooler months. Not only does a patio cover protect you from the sun, but it can also protect you from other environmental elements such as wind and rain.

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patio covers

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